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In Bosisio we understand that prepress initiates with the design and ends with client satisfaction an that of their clients.

This is why we work with the last technology in the market in addition to expert staff to resolve each step of the process:

Digital adaptation.
Profile color application.
Digital test reproduction.
Defined gravure parameters.

To obtain satisfying results an adequate accompaniment of the client in all the project development it’s the only guarantee the final product will finish as desired.


When a new design concept is completed, it is submitted for approval, usually through a color chart, samples, mockups, prints or any other type of material. Once the design is approved, it must be adapted to the needs of industrial production printing and packaging lines.

It includes all the technical parameters like the format of the packaging, inks and many more criteria that must be integrated in the concept of the design.
This service can be represented internally by the brand, by the design agency or by Bosisio S.A, which offers this service integrated in a part of the repro process.


Packaging for food products are usually printed on different materials, the material creates a significan change to maintain the integrity of the design of a brand through the production of a supplier of the chain. Bosisio has vast experience in solving this type of work.

The fundamental purpose of this process is for the final packaging, along with the thermoformed material and adapted to its silhouette, to look identical to the original design delivered by the design agency taking into account colors and distortion. The goal of the Repro process is to convey the marketing idea and design concept to a printed product that can be produced in large quantities.

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