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Bosisio has a fully automated production line along with the application of standardized procedures.
The use of the same engraving parameters of Janoschka Group gives us greater flexibility in adapting to the needs of our customers. The use of a color management system allows us to achieve a profiling of each machine in order to handle the same tonal space between digital proof, color and printing sheet.

This offers a low set-up time and the possibility to perform the approval in the test strip without having to attend the machine foot in the converter, which is very beneficial.
Our department offers the customer solutions to all graphic problems that may arise in each type of packaging.

Surface treatment of the cylinder

Before and after the engraving process, a surface finish is given to the cylinder, to guarantee its good operation and durability in the printing machine, the grinding and polishing processes are performed with very high precision machines, the same ones were made for this purpose End by the best manufacturers on the market.

Printed sample confection

We have a sector of testers where we can generate samples of high quality printing working with substrates and inks for the final production of the work and applying color management methods, resulting in a contractual sample. From this operation we can supply ink formulas with each printing cylinder, as well as all the technical parameters of the engraving. In this way, our customers save a lot of time in preparing the printing machine.

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